Asset Trackers, Inc. BBB Business Review

Asset Trackers, Inc.

About Asset Trackers' Founder and President

Asset Trackers, Inc. officially incorporated in Indiana on

May 12, 2011. Before that date, Asset Trackers, Inc. offered

asset-recovery assistance as a public service at no charge.

Asset Trackers, Inc. is a licensed private investigation firm in its incorporation state of Indiana (License # PI21500032) and is properly licensed and registered in other states as required.

Asset Trackers, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has always maintained an A+ rating. 

My name is Lisa Coffey. I am the founder

and president of Asset Trackers, Inc.

My interest in locating and recovering

"missing" cash assets spans 20 years.

For many years, I helped various

organizations, local governments,

churches, small businesses and friends locate unclaimed funds for free. It was fun; everybody won.

In May 2011, after years of identifying and honing

the skills necessary for successful asset recovery,

I decided to incorporate as a business. Ever since

that time, Asset Trackers, Inc. has found multi-millions

of dollars belonging to corporations and individuals across the globe.

My 14 years as an award-winning newspaper editorial

writer and columnist greatly refined my research skills

(2,000+ published print articles and book co-author).

My love of computers, databases and Excel has made

it easy to locate money and then provide clients with

detailed, easy-to-read spreadsheets of the cash assets

found. My years teaching college and developing high

school and college curricula have furthered my desire

to help people. I hold MBA and BS degrees, a private

investigation firm license (PI21500032 - State of Indiana) and a 2nd-class FCC broadcast license (N9QPN).

I also formerly produced and hosted my own half-hour, commercial-free Christian radio talk show in Indianapolis until a media company purchased the station on which my show aired and changed its format. During the show, my guests told me about their life-changing experiences with the living God, Who is not a religion or a set of rules or beautiful traditions. He is our Creator and our true Father. He loves every one of us and wants to have a personal relationship with you and me. He has given us free will, however, so He will not force us to get to know Him. It is our choice.

Clients have nothing to lose. After signing
a simple

asset-recovery agreement, the client reviews the             line-item detail spreadsheets listing the funds located. With Asset Trackers' assistance, the client then files        a claim for the funds.

Claim-payout checks are mailed directly to the client; nothing is deducted. Only then is the client billed for services rendered.

Let Asset Trackers, Inc. show you exactly what it can

do for you.


Lisa Coffey


What Really Matters


Clients deserve to be reunited with substantial funds that

belong to them. Unclaimed-property custodial agencies work hard to return billions of dollars to their rightful owners each year. Asset Trackers, Inc. is happy to play a role in this process.

Asset Trackers, Inc. works primarily with corporations and

organizations but also helps individuals and families recover missing funds. We are happy to apprise schools, religious organizations, nonprofits and government units of located funds for free.

We all matter. A win-win-win outcome  is the goal.

You are important. Our

missing-money custodial

agencies are important. Asset

Trackers, Inc. is important, too.

When we all work together for

a common goal, a win-win-win

outcome is the result.