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Cash Assets that belong to you

You look to the future to ensure the continued

prosperity and success of your corporation,

organization or family. We look to the past to

research, locate and recover substantial cash

assets that through no fault of your own have

gone missing over the years.


Hundreds of government agencies and other organizations throughout the United States (banks, insurance companies, e.g.) are holding multi-billions of dollars in      cash assets that belong to corporations, hospitals, individuals, nonprofits, schools, even other federal and state government units.

They act as custodial agents for these cash assets until the rightful owners step forward to claim what is due them. They do their best to reunite money with owners; given their limited resources, however, they can't do it all. That's where we come in.

Our company, Asset Trackers, Inc., has a multi-faceted approach to asset recovery.

Through proprietary search techniques, we surmount the difficulties inherent in locating hard-to-find owners and ensuring that they recover what is rightfully theirs. 

We primarily assist corporations, although we often have returned significant funds     to individuals. (We recently facilitated the return of more than $386,000 to a  gentleman in Portugal.)

Our clients are often stunned by the money that we find for them. Our years of experience with and knowledge of databases, software development, search engines and research make us comprehensive and unique in the way we do asset recovery.

We have great respect for the custodial agencies across the country with whom we

work. Our goal is to follow their guidelines to the letter to make their work as easy as

possible. As a result, large claims are processed more quickly, and our clients recover

their money more expediently. Asset Trackers, Inc. invoices clients only after they receive all funds due them.

Your satisfaction comes first. If you are not paid, we are not paid. There is no risk.

Why Asset Trackers, Inc. Is Different

We know where to search.

We know how to search.